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My name is Courtney and I am a 3L! This is my third year participating in Law Show as an Actor, and this year I am a co-Executive Director. One of my friends had participated in Law Show before I started law school and I knew I wanted to join before I was even admitted into the Faculty. I have always loved acting and I knew it would be an amazing experience. I stayed for all 3 years because Law Show season is truly the best season and it is my favourite time of year. I’ve made lifelong friends and made memories that I know I will cherish forever.



Hey everyone, my name is Colin and I am the Assistant Executive Director for Law Show this year. I got involved with Law Show primarily to hear the roar of the crowd anytime I stepped on stage, but stayed because of the great people involved and the excellent charities we support. My favourite thing about Law Show is the way in which so many students are able to showcase their talents in ways they might not have thought they would be able to during their time in the Faculty of Law. It’s impossible to pick a favourite memory from Law Show because the whole thing is such a great time.

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Hi - my name is Gill! This is my third (and thus, sadly, my last) year acting in Law Show. Being part of Law Show has been one of my favourite parts of law school, and I'm glad that even in this virtual world in which we find ourselves, our Law Show community is working hard to bring Scooby Doo: Long Paw of the Law to a screen near you!




My name is Sam and I am a 3L, as well as one of Law Show's 2021 Executive Directors! I first participated in Law Show not only because my main hobby is finding ways to be the centre of attention, but also because prior to law school I had seen a few Law Shows that my friends were in, and even watching as a Student Not Actually In Law, it was a ton of fun! I have acted in Law Show all three years, and can safely say that it has been the highlight of my law school experience. 


The leap from performance to law is not as large as people seem to think. I can confirm this because I have a drama degree. The same skills that apply to putting on a good show are not so different from those needed to succeed in law school; dedication, teamwork, inventiveness, and resilience apply easily to both disciplines. To this end, I firmly believe that the benefits of Law Show extend far beyond the final curtain call. My favourite thing about Law Shows past is the few minutes at the end of each performance when the curtains close, and we chant "law-show-law-show" and hug each other and cry. 


Although we are apart this year, it is my sincere hope that Law Show briefly takes us all to a place that's a little more fun and silly than our current reality.



Hi everyone! My name is Sarah and I'm a 2L. I'm also super excited to be this year's Assistant Executive Producer. One of my favourite things about Law Show is seeing everyone's months of hard work come together for the final amazing production. I've also been able to collaborate with so many incredibly nice and talented people, making law show something that I've continued to want to be a part of!



Hey everyone! My name is Julie Treleaven and this is my second year as a Dance Director. As a 3L reflecting on the law school experience, I can confidently say that Law Show has been one of my favourite memories. Although this year looks a little different, I hope you enjoy Scooby-Doo!!



Hi, my name is Corinna and I am a 3L and Co-Director for the Law Show Singing Group! I have been involved in Law Show for all three years, and it has been an absolute pleasure to work with such multi-talented and dedicated individuals. I will never forget the memories made at those late Sunday night rehearsals and the many, many laugSs we shared over learning to salsa and sing at the same time. A toast to the singers for humouring me and bravely learning my dance moves!



My name is Emily Bielech (3L) and I’m co-Director of the band this year with Francesca, the Santiago to my Peralta. I got involved in Law Show because upper years told me it was the best part of law school and they were right! My favourite memories from the past few years have been show nights and rehearsals, jamming with my pals, and general Law Show shenanigans (if you know, you know). 



Hello! My name is Nolan Okrusko and I am a 2L and one of the co-Social Convenors for Law Show (and dance participant)! Law Show was one of my favourite experiences as a 1L. It is an extremely fun and rewarding experience to bond with fellow students in a way that is unlike any other.



Hi, I’m Cailey! I’m the Costumes Director for this year and I’m a 2L. I initially got involved with Costumes last year because I work part-time at Michaels so I knew I could contribute with my discount and regular access to craft supplies. However, Law Show ended up being incredibly fun and provided me an outlet for creativity during school. Last year, I slaved for hours painting Fiona’s green and gold dress, and my favourite memory was seeing Sam in full costume and getting to see my work pay off into something beautiful.



Hello, my name is Christian and I am a 2L! This year, I am also the Operations Chair and Stage Manager. My position looks quite a bit different this year, but I have enjoyed pivoting in my role and I am confident that Law Show will be amazing this year!



Hello all! My name is Julia and I'm a 1L. While I've performed before, my heart lies up in the booth with the lights, so I decided to join Balteaj on the tech crew! Everyone has been amazingly kind, and I feel very privileged to be part of such an amazing team. I hope you enjoy the show



Hi! My name is Prabhjot Punnia and I am currently a 2L student. This year is my second year of being involved in Law Show, and I am the Assistant Acting Director. My favourite thing about the Law Show is the fun and supportive community that the participants get to build and become a part of, all while supporting a local non-for-profit organization. 



My name is Bryce Kneller, I’m a 2L and the Assistant Dance Director for Law Show. I got involved in Law Show last year mainly because of a persistent upper-year student (Julie) who persuaded me to join during a pre-orientation event. My favourite memory from last year was just the overall energy and atmosphere in the theatre on show day. While this year will look a little bit different, I’m confident the virtual version will be just as entertaining!



Hello! I'm Colleen, I'm in 2L, and I'm Assistant Singing Director. I had Law Show in my sights before school even started and was so excited to join! I like singing and I like entertaining and I like being silly and Law Show gives me an outlet for all three. The best part about Law Show is the dedication, teamwork, and sheer amount of FUN everyone brings to the table; law school is stressful and putting on a show of this magnitude makes it even more stressful but the end result is worth it!



I'm David, a 2L, and Assistant Director and bass player for the Law Show band. My favourite thing about law show is how it allows us to be creative in a way that otherwise doesn't exist in law school, and how it allows us to make connections that we may not be able to find otherwise. I've loved finding the fellow music nerds in law school through Law Show!



Hi everyone - my name is Kim, I am a 3L and excited to be one of the Social Convenors for Law Show 2021! I have also acted in Law Show for 3 years: I have played Sarah Connor, the Cheshire Cat, one of the 3 Little Pigs, and this year I am playing Daphne.



My name is Caroline, I am a third-year law student and am this year’s Marketing, Media, & Promotions Chair. I have been involved in Law Show throughout law school, including as a scriptwriter, dancer, actor, and hair and makeup artist. I got involved in Law Show to live out my dream of being a playwright in New York without having to pay New York rental rates.



I'm a 2L student with an unnecessarily difficult to pronounce first name! So rather than challenge the stereotype that naturally arises with such a name, I embraced it and became the go-to tech person for law show! Call it fate, call it luck, call it whatever you want to, but I believe I was meant to be Tech Director! Law show has been an incredible experience and thus far is my favourite part of law school!  



My name is Beth (3L) and I am the Executive Producer of Law Show 2021. 


Motivated by my desire to push myself out of my comfort zone, I initially joined Law Show during my first year of law school as an actor. Not long afterwards, I realized my talents best lie with the behind-the-scenes action and took on the Assistant Executive Producer role the year after. Becoming involved with Law Show has easily been one of the best decisions I made during law school because of the friends I made and the memories created.


Although this year’s show is unlike any other, I am so incredibly proud of the perseverance demonstrated by the entire Law Show team. The message shared by Scooby Doo: Long Paw of the Law about the collegiality of UAlberta Law is truly embodied by the friendships and comradery of Law Show participants. We have also seen an incredible outpouring of support from the UAlberta Law body  and Alberta’s legal community, from generous sponsorship donations to assistance with promotions and marketing.


If you are able to watch Law Show this year, I hope that you see the camaraderie and dedication from our student performers and volunteers that has made Law show possible against all odds. Long Live Law Show!




I’m Richard Copeland! I’m a 2L, and an acting director for Law Show 2021! I got involved with Law Show because I’ve enjoyed acting and directing in theatre since I was a kid, so Law Show was a natural fit. My favourite thing about Law Show is that it really displays how accessible and fun theatre can be for any age or demographic, and how much fun you can have while still supporting a good cause! One of my best memories from Law Show is everyone singing and dancing in RATT after the performance. I’ll never hear any of those songs quite the same again!



Hey there! My name is Anna, I'm a 2L and one of your Dance Directors. I joined Law Show last year because (1) I've always loved dancing and (2) I was told it was an insanely good time. I will honestly never forget being backstage with everyone during Law Show 2020 surrounded by glitter and sweaty people and helping the guys draw on their abs, or crawling towards my property professor (sorry professor) during girls dance while trying to not topple over in heels. What can I say, Law Whow really does create the most wild and memorable experiences.



My name is Annie, and I am a 3L! This is my third year singing in Law Show and second year as co-Director of the Singing Group. I joined Law Show in 1L because I love singing and performing, but also because upper-years always spoke it with so much excitement! I am incredibly grateful for the friendships and memories that Law Show has brought me over the years!



My name is Francesca (3L) and I am co-Directing the band this year with Emily, the Peralta to my Santiago. I joined Law Show in 1L just to have an excuse to bust out some tunes every Sunday but ended up meeting all the loves of my law life, my little Von Trapp family. As such, in the spirit of Fall Out Boy, my parting words to Law Show are as follows: thnks fr th mmrs <3



Hey there, my name is James (3L) and I am one of the Social Convenors. I initially got involved in Law Show because I had just moved back to Edmonton after living in Vancouver while completing my undergrad...so I needed to make friends, and it seemed like all the fun people were signing up for Law Show! Turns out I was right, and some of my best friendships in law school have been forged in the fires of Dance Bootcamp. My favourite thing about Law Show is that I get to embarrass myself not only in front of my best friends...but with my best friends. It’s nice to leave the “serious law student” at the door and get to spend hours laughing while struggling to learn choreography — there is something uniquely relaxing about just doing something to have a good time, for a good cause. My absolute favourite memory from Law Show is coming back in from Intermission and switching gears for Man Dance backstage. Nothing like a hot drop into a push-up contest in the changeroom to get the good times going!



Hi, my name is Rebecca (2L) and I am the Silent Auction Chair. I decided to get involved in Law Show the first week of school at Clubs Fair! I had heard a lot about the production from upper-years and was excited to take part in the tradition. Being a Silent Auction volunteer was the perfect way for me to meet new people and be a part of the hype! My favourite thing about Law Show is the sense of community that it fosters. It is truly amazing to see how encouraging, motivated, and talented everyone is. In my experience, it's also a fantastic way for us as students to come together and let loose, while fundraising for a good cause. My favourite memory from Law Show is sitting in the Myer theatre as a 1L, totally unaware of what the show was like. I remember leaving after the show with sore cheeks from laughing so hard. It was the best $20 I spent my entire 1L year and I cannot wait to see the Show again this year!



My name is Dave, I am a 3L and the Treasurer for Law Show 2021. As a self described karaoke superstar (formal accreditation pending) I spent my 1L and 2L Law Show experiences as a singer. In this last year I joined the writing team over the summer and traded in my microphone for a green eyeshade to serve as Treasurer. It's always great to see the different pieces of the production come together and this year's show promises to be the best yet!